If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a car accident in or around Clearwater, Florida, your mind is probably inundated with important questions that need to be answered. You may have questions about the rehabilitative process for your bodily injuries, questions about your finances and how you are going to pay the bills while you recover from the accident, and you may have questions about your legal options and whether you can pursue financial restitution from the motorist who hit you.

During this time of stress and anxiety, it makes sense to sit down with an experienced legal professional to assess the situation and figure out a path forward. This is why you should take the time to find the best Clearwater personal injury lawyer possible to help you during this emotionally and physically difficult period in your life.

To help you in your research, the legal team of Powers Sellers & Finkelstein have put together a list of tips and advice you can use in your search.

Tip – You Should Not Have to Pay Out of Pocket to Meet with a Clearwater Car Accident Lawyer

Many people mistakenly believe that hiring an attorney is going to cost thousands of dollars in retainer fees and hourly charges. However, if you have a personal injury case such as a car accident, you should not be asked to pay for anything upfront. In fact, most Clearwater personal injury lawyers operate on a contingency-fee basis, which basically means that you pay nothing and the lawyer gets paid contingent on you getting paid.

Tip – Focus Your Search on Finding a Clearwater Personal Injury Attorney with Experience and Depth of Knowledge in This Area of Law

There are an array of attorneys in and around Clearwater who have different specialties and work in different practice areas. This is why it is important to make sure to focus your search on finding a Clearwater lawyer with experience in personal injury law.  You should not have a tax attorney who has never set foot in a courtroom handle your personal injury case.

If you are unsure about what practice area your case falls under, contact our law firm today and we can help answer your questions.

Tip – Make Sure Your Lawyer is Willing and Able to Take Your Case to Trial

Many car accident lawsuits end before actually going to trial, typically through negotiating an amicable settlement. Nevertheless, there are auto accident cases that will move forward to trial because the insurance company is unwilling to make a reasonable settlement offer. You need to make sure the lawyer handling your case is fully capable and comfortable taking your case all the way to trial. Why? Because if your lawyer is ready to present your case to a judge and jury, it often leads to the insurance company, eventually, making a reasonable settlement offer before a trial actually commences.

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