Our attorneys are trained and experienced criminal trial attorneys with years of courtroom experience.  If you do not see the crime that you are facing under our practice areas, do not hesitate to call.  We represent individuals charged with everything from worthless check charges to first degree murder.  We are licensed in Alabama and Florida and practice in state and federal court.

If you have been arrested for any crime in the state of Florida, call (727) 531-2926 or 1-855-PSF-Firm toll free to schedule your free consultation.  We are available 24-7.  You need attorneys who are willing to aggressively fight for you.


I have been charged with a crime that is not described on your website; does this mean you do not handle my type of case?

Absolutely not.  There are far too many crimes in the state of Florida to list and describe them all.  We have listed the most common types of crimes charged in the state of Florida.  If you have been charged with a crime that is not outlined on our website, contact our attorneys at (727)531-2926 for a free consultation.

Do you handle ordinance violations?

Yes.  Ordinance violations vary depending on the county and jurisdiction.  We represent individuals who have been given court dates for ordinance violations and can advise whether you may have a defense.

I have been charged with a federal crime that is not listed on your site.  Do you represent individuals charged with federal crimes?

Yes.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida.

I have been charged with a crime outside the state of Florida and do not know who to hire.

Call one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys today.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice law in Florida and Alabama.  If you have been charged with a crime outside of Florida, we can assist you locally and recommend an attorney in the state and county you have been charged.  You may also contact the local bar organization in the state where you are looking for an attorney.

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