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If you or someone you know has warrant issues such as an outstanding warrant, or have been the subject of a warrant, call our office immediately. Our attorneys are experienced in handling Florida warrant issues.

If you have questions related to your specific case, you can contact us 24/7 for a free case review.

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Here are some common questions that our firm receives from clients facing warrant issues:

How do I know if I have a warrant?

If you failed to appear for court, it is likely a warrant has been issued for your arrest. You may find out by calling the clerk's office, searching public records online or calling an experienced criminal defense attorney to research the issue for you. Often, especially on sale and possession cases, warrants may be issued for your arrest without your knowledge. Typically, these arrests do not happen at the time the crime took place because officers do not want to blow their covers.

How do I get rid of a warrant?

You may turn yourself in so the warrant is executed. You may set a hearing and ask a judge to withdraw the warrant. It is highly recommended that you seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can walk you through the process. If the warrant was issued for failing to appear for a scheduled court hearing, there may be a simple explanation for the failure to appear (FTA). If the warrant was issued for a new charge, you are best served to have an attorney present when turning yourself in because law enforcement officers can, and often times do, use this opportunity to question you about the offense(s).

Why was a warrant executed?

You may have missed a court date, violated probation, or been accused of committing a new crime. An experienced attorney can determine the reason for the warrant and assist in having the warrant withdrawn or setting a reasonable bond.

Should I turn myself in?

You should arrange to turn yourself in or set a motion to withdraw a warrant. Contact our office to learn the best approach to resolve your outstanding warrant.

Can I get a bond?

See our discussion regarding arrest and bail bonds for a lengthy discussion on your rights regarding bail bonds.

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