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In Florida, both parents have an obligation to provide for their child. The amount of child support each party is ordered to pay is determined by statutory guidelines. The parties’ income, time-sharing with the child, and additional costs are all considered in the worksheet to determine the parties’ financial responsibility. In some cases, there are grounds to seek an amount higher or lower than what the guidelines call for. You need aggressive Child Support Attorneys like Powers Sellers & Finkelstein who know what factors the court can and will consider.

Our Child Support Attorneys are experienced negotiators as well as skilled litigators.  We know the law and we will fight for you. If child support was previously ordered but circumstances have changed, we can assist you in filing for a modification of the obligations. Our Firm of Child Support Attorneys also handles child support issues that are initiated by the Department of Revenue. Call us for a private consultation at (727) 531-2926 anytime, 24-7!