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You need the best family law team you can find in Clearwater now. Powers Sellers & Finkelstein, PLC is a comprehensive family law practice serving individuals and families throughout Clearwater and surrounding areas.  Our experienced lawyers offer you our compassion and dedication during this sensitive journey. Call (727) 531-2926 for a case evaluation.

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No other area of the law evokes more emotional highs and lows than family law matters do. From birth through death, there are many legal issues that impact the family unit in some way. If you are involved in a family law matter then you need an attorney who is both competent and compassionate by your side. You need the family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Powers Sellers, & Finkelstein, PLC.  Call us for a private case evaluation at (727) 531-2926 anytime, 24-7!

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Powers Sellers & Finkelstein understands how sensitive family law issues can be for everyone involved. Our experienced family law attorneys are committed to helping you navigate the legal and emotional minefield that frequently accompanies a family law matter.



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Amanda Powers Sellers
Amanda Powers SellersFlorida Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law Attorney
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Jenna C. FinkelsteinFlorida Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law Attorney