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If you and your spouse are considering a divorce, you need to consult with our experienced Divorce Attorneys as soon as possible.  This can be a difficult time for all involved.  At the Law Offices of Powers Sellers & Finkelstein we strive to minimize the emotional strain and the financial burden of a costly dissolution.

Whether your dissolution is uncontested or contested by your spouse, we will provide you with compassionate counsel and negotiate the fairest resolution to your case.  Aspects to consider are the division of real property, tangible assets, and of course financial assets and liabilities.

When there are minor children involved in a divorce, there are additional legal areas and concerns to be addressed.  The divorce attorneys at Law Offices of Powers Sellers & Finkelstein will guide you through the confusing, and at times overwhelming, decisions regarding time-sharing, parental responsibility, and child support.

In many cases, a resolution can be reached amicably.  However, in some cases that is just not possible for one reason or another.  Sometimes it is necessary to hire an investigator, forensic accountant, or other experts.  You need an aggressive attorney to fight for you in court, to protect your rights and what is important to you.

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