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What Should I Look For When Choosing A Wrongful Death Attorney?

Posted by Powers Sellers & Finkelstein | Mar 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

What Should I Look For When Choosing A Wrongful Death Attorney?

If you have recently lost a loved one you are undoubtedly grieving the loss. You are also likely worried about the financial future of you and your family. If your loved one's death was caused in whole, or in part, by the negligence of another party you could be entitled to compensation for your loss that may ease the financial burden you and your family are facing. While no amount of compensation is worth losing a loved one, a wrongful death lawsuit may help secure your family's financial future as well as ensure that the negligent party is held responsible. As you have likely never been involved in a wrongful death lawsuit before you may be wondering “What should I look for when choosing a wrongful death attorney?”. Ultimately, only you can decide which Florida wrongful death attorney is right for your case; however, there are some factors you may wish to consider that may help you find the right attorney for you, including:

  • Years practicing law – while it is not necessary to have years of experience to be a good attorney, experience certainly helps, particularly with wrongful death cases given how complex they are.
  • Percentage of practice devoted to wrongful death cases – your wrongful death attorney should devote a decent amount of his or her practice to wrongful death cases.
  • Resources – to properly litigate a wrongful death case you will likely need access to considerable resources. Therefore it is best to look for an attorney who has those resources available. For example, you may need an expert to testify in your case. Finding an expert who is qualified and available is difficult as is finding the funds to cover the expert's fees. An attorney who focuses on wrongful death cases, however, will have those resources available.
  • Trial experience – although most wrongful death cases are settled out of court, it is always best to have an attorney on your side who has the experience and skill needed to be successful at trial, should your case go to trial.

If you have recently lost a loved one and you believe that loss was caused by the negligence of another party you should consult with an experienced Florida wrongful death attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options. Contact an expert wrongful death attorney at Powers Sellers & Finkelstein PLC by calling 727-531-2926 today to schedule your appointment.

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