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Sex Crime cases are aggressively prosecuted in Florida; even more so when the alleged victim is a minor. At times, the State Attorney's Office will have special prosecutors assigned to prosecute only these cases. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who has defended countless clients charged with a wide range of sexual offenses. Our team has the unique skills to handle the complex issues involved in defending a Sex Crime case.  You need the best legal team you can find now. Our experienced lawyers will mount an aggressive Sex Crime Defense in your favor.

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What to know about Sex Crime Defense in Florida

Should your case proceed to trial, you can expect that the State Attorney's office or another agency has carefully built what it believes to be a strong case. The effects this type of charge can have on an individual extend way beyond the possibility of losing your freedom. Your job, your reputation, and your livelihood are on the line.

Sex Crimes include:

  • Lewdness: Indecent Exposure
  • Lewd or Lascivious Battery, Molestation, Conduct, and Exhibition
  • Sexual Battery (Rape)
  • Aggravated Sexual Battery
  • Capital Sexual Battery
  • Sexual Battery by a Person Under 18 on Child Under 12
  • Unlawful Sexual Activity with Minors
  • Traveling to Meet a Minor
  • Possession of Child Pornography Cases
  • Transmission of Material Harmful to Minors by Electronic Device
  • Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender
  • Romeo & Juliet Law
  • Solicitation of a child using the Internet

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