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Have You Been Arrested for Murder or Manslaughter in the State of Florida? You need the leading Tampa/Clearwater Murder Defense Attorneys today.

Protect your rights with our experienced violent crime team, familiar with the complexities of our criminal court system today.  Our Murder and Manslaughter Defense investigations include doctors, forensic experts such as DNA experts, and Crime Scene Reconstructionists to name a few.

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Murder cases are highly complex. An attorney who agrees to represent an individual who has been charged with murder must have the skills, experience, and resources available to defend this type of case. The Manslaughter and Murder Defense Attorneys at the Law Offices of Powers Sellers & Finkelstein, PLC have over 25 years of combined experience defending clients charged with all levels of murder and manslaughter.

What to know about Murder and Manslaughter Defense in Florida

Murder (1st degree): This degree of homicide is typically charged when it is determined that the killing was of a premeditated design and/or occurred during the commission of a felony. It carries a sentence of life in prison or the death penalty.

Murder (2nd degree): To be convicted of 2nd-degree murder, the state must prove that the killing occurred during the act of a crime but not in a planned or premeditated way or manner. This may result from a “ heat of passion ” incident.

Murder (3rd degree): No premeditation and no malice. A 3rd-degree murder involves the killing of another during the commission of a less serious felony than those felonies specifically designated under the 1st-degree murder statute.

Manslaughter (1st degree): An act that causes the death of another without malice or premeditation.

Manslaughter (2nd degree): An act that causes an unreasonable risk and could have been avoided that caused the death of another.

No matter your charge, you need aggressive, skilled Manslaughter and Murder Defense Attorneys who have the experience to get results.

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