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Were you arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in the state of Florida?  You need a great DUI Defense Lawyer and fast!

Powers Sellers & Finkelstein has the best DUI defense attorneys in this area today.  It is imperative that you contact us immediately for a free case review.  We'll come to you if you're incarcerated.

Why choose us for your DUI Defense case?

Our DUI Defense Attorneys will conduct an in-depth case review with you which includes an explanation of the elements of the charge(s) and an evaluation of the facts to determine any defenses that may exist.  You need the best legal team you can find now. Our DUI Defense Attorneys will put our long-standing, 25+ years of success to work for you. We promise to provide you with fast, sensible advice today and mount an aggressive DUI Defense in your favor. 

What to know about DUI Defense in Florida

Your ability to drive may be affected by a DUI arrest. Once you retain our firm we will immediately request an administrative hearing in an effort to prevent you from losing your license. Time is of the essence. You only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request this type of hearing.  Although self-representation is permitted in an administrative hearing, it can be a frustrating and complicated process.

If you are caught drinking and driving a second time, without a great DUI Defense, you could lose your ability to drive for up to two years. For a third offense, your license could be suspended for up to a decade. If you lose your freedom through a guilty verdict, you may have to face additional penalties.

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