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Have you've been arrested in the Clearwater – Tampa Area of Florida for a DUI, Drug Crime, Theft, Assault, Manslaughter, Sex Crime or any other criminal law violation? You need the best criminal defense team you can find, and fast. 

At Powers Sellers & Finkelstein, PLC, our experienced criminal defense lawyers will put our long-standing record of success to work for you. We promise to provide you with fast, sensible advice today and mount an aggressive defense in your favor. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Assault / Battery

There are many defenses that an Assault and Battery Lawyer can provide. The most common defense is self-defense.

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Credit Card Fraud

Just as you can be charged with theft of cash, you can be charged with the theft of a credit card in the State of Florida.

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Domestic Violence

Relationships are complicated and conflicts are inevitable. If conflicts elevate to a level of abuse, consult a domestic violence lawyer.

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Drug Crimes

Our Drug Crimes Attorneys has the experience and knowledge to make this difficult time easier for you and your family.

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Our DUI attorneys have over 16 years of experience defending DUI's related to alcohol or drugs. Your defense is our priority.

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Felony DUI

Arrested for DUI manslaughter, DUI with property damage or with serious bodily injury? Contact our firm for a free case evaluation.

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Insanity Defense

Through the use of experts, a defendant may establish that he or she was insane. The key is determining whether you were or …

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Alternatives to Prison

If you are looking at a conviction and some form of jail, the State of Florida has alternatives to straight jail/prison time.

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Juvenile Crime

The juvenile defense attorneys at our office are experienced trial attorneys who are dedicated to defending the rights of children who…

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Murder / Manslaughter

We work with investigators, doctors, forensic experts, DNA experts, and Crime Scene Reconstructionists, to get justice for you.

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Probation Violation

Determine whether you have any defenses to your violation of probation. The laws in Florida are complicated and in order to know…

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Seal-Expunge Records

Protecting your reputation after an arrest is extremely important. The process of sealing and expunction can be long and complicated.

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Sex Crimes

Our team has the unique skills to handle the complex issues involved in defending a sex crime case.

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Theft & White Collar

Have you have been contacted by a state or federal agency, whether it is a prosecuting agency, law enforcement or a regulatory agency?

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Traffic Ticket

Florida traffic laws set forth strict penalties for individuals who are habitual traffic offenders. To determine what options you have…

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Unlicensed Contracting

Under Florida Law, unlicensed contractors may face criminal charges. If you have been charged with Unlicensed Contracting or Specialty Contracting, Failure to...

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Violent Crimes

The state of Florida has very tough penalties for individuals accused of violent crimes. Often the goal of the crime is to obtain …

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Warrant Issues

There are three basic types of warrants utilized in the state of Florida: bench warrants, arrest warrants and warrants for failure to …

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